Sports-Specific Training Seminar Martin Bingiser and Cal Dietz

Presented by HMMR Media and XL Athlete

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The Essentials

  • Date: Saturday, October 10, 2015

  • Time: 9am to 4pm

  • Location: National Sports Center, 1700 105th Ave, Blaine, MN 55449

  • Registration: Pre-registration online for early bird rates

  • Price: Early bird rate of $100 until Labor Day, $125 thereafter

The Topics

We don’t just train to train, we train to be good at our sport. In this full-day seminar leading coaches Cal Dietz and Martin Bingisser will discuss both the theory and practical applications of sports-specific training, including:

  • Transfer of training. Finding what strength, skills, and qualities are needed in your sport. We pull from the influential work of Anatoliy Bondarchuk, who Martin trained alongside for 10 years.

  • Developing Sports-Specific Exercises. Key factors that should be looked at in developing special strength exercises.

  • Integration. How you can use a variety of approaches to integrate technical, tactical, and physical training and ensure the highest level of transfer.

  • Feedback. Collecting and analyzing feedback to optimize training and better tailor your methods to the individual needs of your athlete and their sport.

  • Periodization. How sports-specific training fits together with long-term training plans.

  • Therapy methods. Utilizing therapy to help improve running, lifting, and throwing technique

About the Presenters

Martin Bingiser (HMMR Media)

  • Swiss National Hammer Throw Coach and 6-Time Swiss National Champion in the Hammer Throw

  • Contributor to Juggernaut, Elite FTS,New Studies in Athletics, Modern Athlete and Coach, Track Coach, and the author of The Ball and Chain: A Guide to Hammer Throwing.

Cal Dietz (XL Athlete)

  • Head Olympic Strength and Conditioning Coach, University of Minnesota, helping 11 NCAA national team championships, 33 Big Ten Conference team champions, and 450+ NCAA All-Americans

  • Strength coach for numerous professional athletes and a world-leading expert on training for hockey.

Co-Author of Triphasic Training, which puts together a training method by breaking down athletic movements into their three components: eccentric, isometric, and concentric


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